Woodworking Supplies of Rare Woods

Djarilmari is Australia’s leading supplier of Western Australian rare woods and woodworking supplies for fine woodworking, wood turning, wood crafts and all projects requiring rare and special timbers. Western Australian rare woods are prized internationally for their high quality, rich and splendid colours and exceptionally beautiful grain features.


Sheoak (Allocasuarina Fraserana) is one of the most stable, strong and highly valued rare woods available. The Sheoak’s availability is restricted due to its being confined to a very small area of Western Australia. It is the perfect high quality rare wood to include in your exotic woodworking supplies.

Sheoak Woodworking supplies have a striking, unique appearance

The Sheoak’s distinctive medullary rays and fine, even texture with straight grain, give these rare woods their unique appearance. When quarter sawn, Sheoak is typically golden in colour with rich orange highlights. The rare, sought after Lace Sheoak has a striking orange/red lace pattern.

Uses for these rare woods

Sheoak is one of the most beautiful rare woods for decorative woodware, interior furniture, turnery, joinery and parquetry. It has extremely low shrinkage properties and polishes beautifully. Sheoak is also used in roofing shingles, flooring, panelling and, until the development of the aluminium cask, one of the favoured rare woods for brewing and storing beer.

Lace Sheoak

The Lace Sheoak is a rare and highly sought after species of Sheoak. Lace Sheoak has one of the most distinctive lace grain patterns to be found in any of the rare timbers. Lace Sheoak is used when strong characteristics are required, for example, in turning items such as pens, box lids, pool cues and inlays. The Lace Sheoak can also be used with spectacular results in larger wood projects.

Grasstree Stumps

As roots from the dead Grasstree (Xanthorrheoa), Grasstree stumps are ideal rare woods for woodturning.  Grasstree stumps are dark brown to black in colour and have a radiating grain.  Grasstree stumps turn easily and naturally into bowl or vase shaped designs.

Grasstree stumps are a must-have for anyone serious abouth the quality of their exotic, rare woodworking supplies.

Banksia Nuts

Banksia Nuts are the pods from the Bull Banksia tree(Banksia Grandis). Selected pods from these exotic, rare woods are used extensively in woodturning, jewellery work and inlay work.

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