Jarrah & Marri Exotic Wood Blanks & Exotic Timber

Djarilmari is a recognised, reputable supplier of Jarrah (Eucalyptus Marginata) and Marri (Corymbia Callophylla) wood blanks and exotic timber to the woodworking industry. Jarrah and Marri originate from the wild forests of the far South West of Western Australia.

The unique, rich colours of our Jarrah reflect the hues and tones of the magnificent Western Australian landscape.  Our Jarrah exotic wood blanks range in colour from a rich, deep burgundy through to light red and a pink/orange in younger wood.

Exotic Wood blanks with straight or curly grain

The grain in Jarrah has a medium coarse, even texture.  Usually the grain is straight but we do supply Jarrah with wavy or curly grain features.  The more curls to the inch the more spectacular the grain.  Some curly exotic wood blanks appear to shimmer when finished.  Birdseye is a popular Jarrah grain feature.  The Birdseyes vary but are usually almond shaped and darker than the surrounding timber.

Ideal uses for Jarrah Exotic Wood blanks and Exotic Timber

Jarrah is ideal for high quality internal & outdoor uses. Jarrah exotic wood blanks and burls can be used as furniture inlays and natural edge table tops. The natural edge slabs of this timber makes spectacular table and bench tops.

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